Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beginning of the Evolution

Sometimes you just wake up and say, "fuck it... it's time for a change." For me, today was one of those days. Mind you, I spent most of today in bed. Lord knows I needed the rest -- especially after all the drama I had to deal with lately...

I got another e-mail from my friend in Brazil -- he's been trying to book me for some shows out there. All I have to do is send him a mix CD. Isn't that funny? That's ALL I have to do, and bam... BRAZIL!!! What the fuck is taking me so long to do this CD? Even my new booking agent (Judy S.) called me recently, to politely remind me to send HER a mix CD. And I still haven't done it. Bad Aaron! As hard as it is to get good gigs out here, I've got people securing me dates -- all I have to do is take an hour out of my day and make a mix CD?! And it's not fucking DONE YET?! That's just plain stupidity. ...Or maybe it's just me realizing that I've been focusing on too much bullshit lately.

Which brings me to today... My brother David called me -- probably wanting me to drive him to get his car, that Mommy paid $900 to get out of the impound. I didn't even answer the phone. My girl Kelli called me this morning as well. While I didn't ignore her, I practically fought to keep myself awake during her conversation. No she didn't bore me. I was just focused on other things, like rejuvenating my spirit.

My birthday is the 19th. I'll be 32. Damn, I can't believe it... 32! With as much death as I've witnessed lately, I actually feel lucky to be alive. So alright... 32. What am I gonna do? Well, for starters, I'm seriously losing this fucking weight. I've already bought this "total gym" for my basement, the same weekend that Luther Vandross died. (His death scared me into being healthy!) I haven't regularly started to use the machine YET. It's just sitting here, collecting dust. But enough of that... Time to get my ass up ON this machine and lose some weight. What's my weight loss goal? 100 pounds. Yeah, I said it. 100 damn pounds. Instead of trying some crash diet, I'm gonna simply work for a weight loss goal of 2 pounds per week. That gives me an entire year to reach my goal. So at 33, I'll be FREE!!! :-) So 32, that's my "work" year. Yeah... that sounds good. AC's Workout Year.

I was talking earlier about inspiration... I just finished writing this song -- which of course is going on my "Detrevolution" album, which is STILL set for release in September -- it may be Sept. 30, but it will be September!!! I've not only promised the world, but I promised myself. But this song is called "Liberation." It's about -- well, those who know me will know EXACTLY who it's about. (Hint.... it's an EX -- but not an ex-boyfriend...) I'll sing the vocals tomorrow morning -- right now, I'll finish the music.

Actually, I'll get this mix CD done also tonight -- Kelli gave me her newest record, and I wanna feature it on the mix.



Saturn said...

Take pictures of naked Brazilian men while you're down there. Pretty please.

Anonymous said...

oh i was reading your bloog and you know of my various online antics but the al queda one isnt know hope youi should hear that track ..."our birthday's our coming up!!!!" from of course Nicole Simmz She is sooo cold icy