Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The D Word...

Yesterday was nothing short of DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! Not only did I not get to bed until 3 a.m. that morning, my phone rings at 6:25 a.m... My MOTHER calls to tell that David (my brother) is in jail. He got arrested for drunk driving, and I had to go bail him out! You know, I was a total zombie when I got out of the bed -- didn't really do my hair, nothing... It was awful. So by the time I got to my mother's house, I found out that the police station wouldn't release David until noon.

Oh great... And Stefan's 11th birthday (my oldest son) was the same day... What a fucking way to start the day.

Anyway... my mother gave me the money to get David out of jail -- sometimes I wonder about her bleeding heart. She'll curse you out, but she'll still come through for you. Gotta love her for that... Now I had to spend nearly the entire afternoon, waiting for the police to "process" David's paperwork, etc. At around 2:45, David finally walks out of jail. I was so embarrassed for him. We still had to get his car out of the impound -- which after going back and forth from the impound to the police station, we found out that the car wasn't impounded after all -- it was SEIZED!

Granted, it was David's second offense for OWI -- Operating While Intoxicated. But damn! Did they have to throw the "book" at him for it? They also charged him for having tinted windows, as well as failure to stop in a driveway. What bullshit! But still... His car is GONE. They wouldn't even let him get his personal belongings from the car! At that moment, I remembered just how "dirty" the police could actually be. Fuck yeah, I've been pulled over for no damn reason -- and while I would be pissed about it, what could I do? If I reported it, it would be MY word vs. theirs -- and John Cougar Mellencamp said it best: "I fight authority, authority always wins..."

But then again, it's all about money too... Sure, for $900, David could make an out-of-court settlement, to get his car back. First of all, David's broke as shit. If ANYONE has to pay this $900, it's gonna be Mommy. And from what I hear, she's going to pay for the car today! I hope David finds a way to repay her quickly!!!

I said I was gonna call Mommy and see how she was feeling, but I could already imagine. She's hurt. She's hurt that her 27 year-old son hasn't left the nest. He's too scared to take care of his own self... And why should he? His beer, his baby mamas... His so-called friends (who are more like followers, if you ask me)... David's got it made in the shade. Doesn't have to pay Mommy a dime for rent. Doesn't help out with anything -- she'll call ME! She'll have ME drive from MY house, to help her with HER shit -- while David's either asleep, or flat-out refuses to do anything. And of course, like a sucker, I do it. Like my mother, I'll curse and scream, but I always come through in the end... Go fucking figure.

I'll write more later -- I have to drive out to Jackson today to see Jay (my ex-boyfriend...). Jay recently had a stroke -- which was odd as hell, for a 28 y/o skinny guy! His blood vessels broke in his left eye, causing him to permamently lose 30% of his vision in that eye. He also has a lesion on his brain, which right now, they're debating whether or not to operate on it. If they do surgery, Jay only has a 40% chance of making it out alive. 40 percent! However, if he DOESN'T have the surgery, he'll gradually get worse, become paralyzed, blinded, blah blah blah...

Now Jay's saying his "last goodbyes." He's writing letters to the people he cares about. I'm so afraid for him. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that choice, or even KNOWING I was going to die. So I'm taking the kids out there to see him. I'll see him. I don't know how I'll handle this, but we'll see.


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Saturn said...

The shit we take for granted, man. Jay's my age. That's some scary shit.